Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I read an article this morning entitled, "Is Your Leadership Failing?" Some great thoughts for me to think about as a pastor. One of the warning signs is not communicating a clear, compelling vision. Each month, I interject in some way through the sermon our church's purpose. I seek to communicate it through our monthly newsletter and our weekly Ridgeview Church update email. I must realize I can never overcommunicate our purpose as a church.
Another warning sign is the fear of taking bold, courageous steps. I never play it safe, to get comfortable in ministry. God is not pleased with those who coast.
Finally, character corruption. I used to think that wasn't a big deal. Yet, within the last year I have seen a Ph.D from a Christian college leave his wife and a youth pastor leading a dynamic student ministry with hundreds of kids and one of the best youth facilities in the nation be unfaithful to his wife with 3 small kids. Satan wants to destroy all of us. I must remind myself that these things didn't happen overnight. They were small steps that led to bigger steps. I am reminded today of what Erwin Lutzer said, "Make prayer such a priority than only an emergency would make you miss it." When I spend time with God each day Satan's attempts to lead me astray become much less appealing.

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