Friday, June 16, 2006

Thursday around mid morning I went to the Greenville Memorial hospital to be with a man in our church who is having surgery. They had already taken him in when I got there. I spent time with his wife and had prayer and was able to see him as he came out of surgery and have prayer. I spent the rest of the day working at the office. I cut the grass last night and am looking forward to having students over for a time to say good bye to the exchange student we have hosted for the past year. He leaves for Bangkok, Thailand next Tuesday at 4 pm. We will miss him! He has been a great family member and wonderful big brother to our two year old.
I’m starting a sermon series on Daniel this Sunday. In chapter 1 verse 8 it says Daniel “resolved” not to defile himself. He was a person of integrity and stood strong on his convictions and didn’t waffle and yield to preferences. That’s something we all need to see more of today!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tanya and I traveled to Greensboro, NC for the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. My sponsor church pastor, Dr Frank Page, was being nominated for president. In what came as a shock to many in a three way race, Dr Page took 50.4% of the vote. I’m glad that many people voted for Dr Page- he certainly wasn’t well known by many, but his leadership and the strong CP giving of Taylors First Baptist led many to vote for him. He has said this was not about theology, but methodology. As a Southern Baptist, I love the fact that the 8% of all designated offerings we give from our church go to support our missionaries all over the world, and support some wonderful SBC institutions. I can partner as the pastor of a small church plant and pool our money with churches like Taylors First Baptist to help see the Great Commission move closer to completion. That’s cooperation at it’s best!