Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Maintaining Spiritual Health" Series begins this Sunday

This Sunday I look forward to beginning a new message series in Isaiah. Isaiah is a major prophet who prophecied about Judah's unfaithfulness to the Lord and the coming discipline they were to receive. We will focus on Isaiah 5:1-14 which is rich in meaning. Please read that passage this week and be prepared for God to speak to you. As we start this series, begin asking yourself, "What does spiritual health look like to me?" I find many people spend lots of money and time to work on their physical, emotional, and mental health. All those those areas are important, but, if you neglect your spiritual health, it will affect all other areas.

Men's Retreat Report

Our men had a great time of spiritual refreshment last weekend at Bon Clarken retreat center in Hendersonville, NC. We joined Edwards Road Baptist Church for a great time of challenge from our speaker, Tom Harmon. The highlight of the retreat for everyone was to see our own Brian Bowen come to Christ Friday night! God is at work in our church! Tom Harmon challenged us all to pray four prayers everyday: 1) "Lord, teach me to pray" 2) "Lord, give me wisdom" 3) "Lord, give me grace and power to do what you've called me to do" 4) "Lord, protect me from the Evil One." I am praying this everyday in my life. I challenged you to do the same.

Pastor Tommy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our students returned Monday night from their second annual winter retreat near Buffalo, New York. They stayed at Circle C Ranch and participated in much of the camp worship times and Bible study. They also were able to mix in some fun as well (snow skiing, snow boarding, buffalo wings, contests in the car among the guys on who could keep their shirt off the longest with windows rolled down in frigid temps, etc). I believe that retreats are great opportunities for spiritual growth. God was at work among our students and leaders on this trip. I am very proud of them and our student Pastor, Milo Wilson. Even the camp staff in New York remarked how well behaved our group was. This Sunday we will see a short video of their trip in the morning worship. If your middle or high school son or daughter isn't involved in our student ministry, why not get them plugged in this month. These are formative times in their spiritual development. Don't miss these opportunities!

Pastor Tommy

Friday, February 06, 2009

I am pumped about our move to Blue Ridge High School! We will have our first worship service at the high school on Sunday, March 1, at 10:30 a.m. There may be some who do not know where Blue Ridge High is located. The address of the school is 2151 Fews Chapel Road, Greer, SC 29651. It sits between highway 101 and highway 14. I am grateful to Principal Watson and her allowing us to meet there.

Why are we moving to Blue Ridge High? There are several reasons I'd like to share with you. First, we feel that it will be a better location for us, especially as it puts us closer geographically to our future building at O'Neal Village on highway 101. Secondly, the facilities we will use will be a huge positive for us. The auditorium has theatre seats (no set up of chairs each week!). The auditorium has lighting. The auditorium has the capacity to seat over 400! Also, the facilities will provide more educational space for our children's ministry. As of now, the preschool will be meeting in the cafeteria and the elementary age will be able to meet in the band room.

We have been asked as a church by Principal Watson to really be a part of the life of the high school. Wow! That's what we want to do! We have been asked to help provide breakfast once a year for teachers in their back to school meeting in August and for their teacher appreciation in April. We also have been asked to help with their community day in November and to help with ticket sales at football and basketball games. Imagine, each semester as thousands come to see a game, people from Ridgeview will be front and center!

Please be in prayer for this move. We are looking at having a time of prayer and worship at the school but haven't nailed the date down yet. God is at work in our church. It's exciting to see Him working in the lives of our people. I believe we are going to see a fresh wind of His Spirit move in our church this year!

So, looking forward to seeing you this Sunday with your Bible in hand. We're going to start a new message series entitled "Unseen Power" as we open God's Word in 2 Thessalonians. Why don't you read that first chapter before Sunday and be prepared to hear from God. I know I will!