Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Maintaining Spiritual Health" Series begins this Sunday

This Sunday I look forward to beginning a new message series in Isaiah. Isaiah is a major prophet who prophecied about Judah's unfaithfulness to the Lord and the coming discipline they were to receive. We will focus on Isaiah 5:1-14 which is rich in meaning. Please read that passage this week and be prepared for God to speak to you. As we start this series, begin asking yourself, "What does spiritual health look like to me?" I find many people spend lots of money and time to work on their physical, emotional, and mental health. All those those areas are important, but, if you neglect your spiritual health, it will affect all other areas.

Men's Retreat Report

Our men had a great time of spiritual refreshment last weekend at Bon Clarken retreat center in Hendersonville, NC. We joined Edwards Road Baptist Church for a great time of challenge from our speaker, Tom Harmon. The highlight of the retreat for everyone was to see our own Brian Bowen come to Christ Friday night! God is at work in our church! Tom Harmon challenged us all to pray four prayers everyday: 1) "Lord, teach me to pray" 2) "Lord, give me wisdom" 3) "Lord, give me grace and power to do what you've called me to do" 4) "Lord, protect me from the Evil One." I am praying this everyday in my life. I challenged you to do the same.

Pastor Tommy