Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tomorrow I will be officiating the funeral service of Joe Griswold. It is an honor for me to be asked. I got to know Joe through our mutual friend, John Mauldin. Joe visited our church once when we were just a few weeks old meeting at the Greer Christian learning center. He was also able to come visit with us last Fall at the school. He was one of the most giving men around. He told me as a kid he was in a store and wanting a soda pop because he was very thirsty. A complete stranger walked into the store, bought him that soda pop, and Joe never saw that man again. He said that made a huge impression on him. Joe has always tried to give to others. He was known as "Trollin' Joe" to many of his fishing buddies and was one of the best stryper fishers around. He was so good at fishing he was inducted into the SC fishing hall of fame. Joe is a great model of what a giving person looks like. I hope I can emulate the way he lived.

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