Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thank God It's Monday!
OK, as I write this morning it's actually Tuesday, but just wanted to share my thoughts on Mondays. I love them, probably because it's my day off. Yesterday was a great day for a Monday. I got to go to the grocery store with my wife and help her shop because she's about to pop a baby out in 16 days. I got to work out in the yard yesterday. I played with Ethan. And then the season finale for Prison Break came on. I have to admit, I can't keep committing myself to this show. I already have high blood pressure. Usually, I continue into watching "24" but had to watch history as the Gators won another national championship in basketball. I recorded "24" and will catch up on it later. Oh, I also caught a little Oprah yesterday. My wife was watching you know. Pretty cool segment on the guy from Run DMC who is now as he says, "a man of God." He wears one of those clerical collars and everything. MTV has a reality show on him and his family. I think it's pretty cool to see that. He seems like the real deal and looks to be a great role model, especially as he puts lots of emphasis on his family.
Looking forward to this Easter weekend. Should be a great weekend with the Easter egg hunt and the new message series called "God on Film." I borrow the sermon title and some of the movie ideas from Nelson Searcy. I will be taking the move "Cars" this Sunday and challenging people to really examine waht is driving their lives. Looking forward to it!