Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am currently reading The Breakthrough Company: How everyday companies become extraordinary performers. Chapter 3 discusses the topic of "Crowning the Company." These are great questions all Pastors must ask themselves: "Is your company building something that is far greater than the leader?" (p. 28) "Visit Roger Staubach in his office and you'll notice that something is missing-practically anything relating to football. Ask him why and he'll tell you, 'It's because we are building something here that is bigger than Roger Staubach.'" The chapter goes on to show keys to crowning the company are 1) Crown the customer first 2) Aim high 3) Avoid the trappings of corporate royalty 4) Shift from commander to coach 5) Don't let loyalty become a liability 6) Encourage chaotic communication (i.e. do you have an open door policy?) 7) Cut people in on the action (i.e. take care of your people).
Ridgeview Church is so much bigger than her Pastor. I want us to speak of the purpose for which we labor and take the focus off of me. John the Baptist said something about that didn't he? "He (Jesus) must increase, I must decrease."