Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This week we kicked of our Fall '08 Growth Groups. Sunday night our college group met at our home led by Patrick Knorr (he's the guy...well, I guess you can figure out who he is in the pic). We had a great meeting and then we had the Hargrove/Riggs group meet at our home Tuesday night. Again, another wonderful evening. My vision for Ridgeview even before we had our first worship service was to see our church meet throughout the community in small group Bible studies. I love what we do with our groups by not only having a time of Bible study but also these groups are serving once a month on Sunday and once a month in the community. Next up- single mom's oil change. Spiritual growth happens by taking in the word and giving out as well through service. A Christ-follower needs both in his or her life. I know I do!