Monday, January 19, 2009

Years ago when I was a freshman in college, Hurricane Hugo ripped the coast of South Carolina and even made it's way into the upstate region. Everyone knew it was coming and many evacuated the area of the lowcountry. But, there were some who ignored warnings and decided to ride it out. Some who made that decision to not heed the warnings were killed. It didn't have to be.
Similarly, there are clear warnings from Scripture concerning the coming of the Lord. I preached from 1 Thessalonians 5 yesterday on the "Day of the Lord." It refers to His Second Coming. The Bible very clearly tells us Jesus is coming again. Are you ready? The lyrics of an old DC Talk song come to mind: "there's no time to change your mind, the Son has come and you've been left behind." Being left behind and away from God's presence for all of eternity doesn't have to be. Jesus Christ has provided the way. Are you ready?