Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday at Ridgeview was a good day. A female in the church snapped this pic of me and my family that I will treasure for years. Anyway, I'd like to pass on a nice email from someone in our church I received this week. I soooo appreciate our children's ministry leaders and Erin Wilson, our children's minister. You guys are awesome!

I’d like to send a note of thanks and appreciation to Ridgeview Church. The Easter egg hunt on Sunday was incredibly fun (and unexpected-we didn’t know about it at all J)! It should not go without being said that Ridgeview does an amazing job when it comes to their children’s programs/events. Erin is so incredible (!!!) and I cannot even begin to imagine all of the behind the scene time it takes to do all that she does. But not only Erin, everyone involved in what goes on for the children of Ridgeview is to be commended! My boys never come away from time spent at Ridgeview Church or C4C (which by the way they LOVE C4C) that they have not been taught something new and exciting about Jesus. Not only is that a great thing, but they are also aware that a challenge has been set for them each week-and their eagerness to meet that challenge is contagious ~What a blessing in every way! I wanted to share my compliments with you mostly because I know it is often that those that work with the children don’t get to see the fruits of their labor. They are most certainly making an impact! They are setting little fires for ChristJ! I appreciate their efforts and their time; it is a blessing to my family.