Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I was quoted by the Greer Citizen!

This past Saturday our church was one of fifteen churches that volunteered at the Greer Family Fest. The Greer Chamber of Commerce had asked for the assistance of churches to help with the crafts portion of the festival. It was known as "Creation Station," and it was a sight to behold. Hundreds of kids came through the area between 11 am to 3 pm. Several things struck me as I looked around that day at all that was going on. First, it was neat to work alongside fourteen other sister churches in the Greer area for a common cause. We were not in competition with one another to see who could have the best craft station or how many kids we could get to come to our booth. All of us were there to give of our time and talents to share the love of Christ with kids through crafts. The second thing that stuck out to me was the way churches and the city of Greer worked together. The Greer Chamber of Commerce had a real need: volunteers to run the craft booths. They asked for churches to help and help is what they received. Major bridges were built between city officials and churches. That's a great thing! One of the quotes in the Greer Citizen stated, "This festival is much better organized this year. The churches made a big difference..." I was also interviewed that day by the editor of the Greer Citizen. My quote made the paper. I said, "This is a great opportunity for a lot of churches working together." Okay, not a life-changing statement but it is true. Opportunities to serve our community along with sister churches in the name of Christ is a taste of what heaven will be like. I received an email today from another new church in the Greer area asking that we join them in August for a back to school book bag giveaway for kids. What an opportunity to partner with another church to do great things for the Kingdom!
At Ridgeview we care for our community. We love our community in the name of Christ. There are many other churches in our area that are doing that as well. I believe by caring and loving our community alongside our sister churches doors will open for all of us to share hope to our community. That hope we share is that God loves them and they can have new life in Christ. No one church in our area can reach everyone. We're all in this together. We're on the same team. So, pray for other churches in our community. Ask God to bless them so they in turn can be a blessing to the community.