Saturday, May 23, 2009

Josiah Nathaniel Wilson!

Josiah Nathaniel Wilson!

It's 3 pm and I just spoke with Milo. Josiah's heart cath was
successful. They were able to make the hole they needed. He entered
this world around 7:50 am this morning. I know the family is grateful
for the many prayers they have received from God's people. They have
also been blessed by your generosity. Currently, the "Wilson Heart
Love Offering" has raised around $3,700! That will be a huge help to
them with living expenses in Charleston.

Let me encourage you to continue to pray for this dear family and this
precious little one. You can find more information about their journey
at .

Also, next Monday, May 25, Beverley Brady will be giving birth to
their third child. Please keep Sean, Beverley, Cheyenne, and Camden
and their newest family member in your prayers.

See You Sunday!

Pastor Tommy