Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I think all of us struggle from time to time with procrastination. There are some things in life we just want to put off and not deal with because they may be hard, boring, not any fun, etc. That includes areas in our work life and areas of our personal life. Psychologist Henry Cloud says in battling procrastination one should "play the movie." Fast forward a week, a month, a year- imagine if what you need to do isn't done. Consider the consequences. That should help motivate you. Also, he recommends invoking some discipline and accountability in your life. For example, meet with someone and lay out some items you want to have completed by next week. When next week arrives if any of those items are not done you "pay up" financially to the other person an amount that can cause a financial sting. It's a grown up way of being sent to time out. Some good thoughts that I will seek to implement in my life someday when I get around to it- ha!