Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Many thanks to Sean Brady for securing an ice-cream truck last
Saturday for our Saturday service. Sean, Beth Farmer. Sandee Stroud,
myself, and Sean's friend and ice-cream truck owner drove around the
community passing out ice-cream and water: all free. Several people
wanted to know more about Ridgeview and where we meet. It was one of
the most unique outreaches we've done!

Renee Smith
This past Saturday before we left for New York I received the news
Renee Smith had passed away from Lou Gehrig's disease. I was able to
meet with the family that afternoon and express my love and
appreciation for their beloved daughter and sister. Did you know Renee
attended our very first mission trip as a church to Augusta, Maine?
She was one of the very first to start attending the "First Saturday
of Service" bridge projects we began. She had such a tender heart and
will be greatly missed. Please pray for her parents, Joe & Terry,
along with her brother Ronnie.

Governor Sanford & Sermon this Sunday
As I was on the subway in the city this week I overheard two men
speaking about our Governor, Mark Sanford. They were laughing at his
infidelity and what he has said he represents as a Christian. This is
such a shock to me and the actions our Governor has taken. As we
continue our series in Galatians this Sunday, one thing that jumps out
to me concerning this life of following Christ. Galatains 5:16 states,
"I say then, walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire
of the flesh." Too many Christians have fallen because they have not
been walking by the Spirit. They have been yielding to their flesh and
sinful desires. I look forward to opening Galatians to show you how
you can walk by the Spirit and starve your flesh. It's a timely
message for the days in which we live and what we all face on a daily
basis. I look forward to being with you again Sunday!

Pastor Tommy