Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This Sunday "Christmas Offering" Live Chat With SBC International Missionaries Tim & Anna N. Stationed Off African Coast

This week you will be receiving your Christmas offering letter in the mail. For the last two Sundays we have shown videos of how your offering goes directly to support over 5,000 Southern Baptist missionaries who are all over the world. Did you know that Southern Baptists, through our annual (Lottie Moon)l Christmas offering, are able raise support for our missionaries so that they can go to the field without having to raise their own support. One such couple on the field is Tim, Anna, and Judah (last name withheld). They have been an active part of our church over the last year and a half. They are now on the field and are at language school. We are going to call them Sunday morning using Skype and hear firsthand how God is at work. Remember, you judge a church not by it's seating capacity but by it's sending capacity. So, I will see you Sunday. Please give prayerful consideration how much God would have you give for this year's Christmas offering.    
Red Barn Christmas Eve Services
Last year over 300 people attended our Christmas eve services at the Red Barn. Like last year, we will be offering two services at the same time: 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. I am excited about this year as we have worked to really simplify the evening. In fact, Milo Wilson has made an instrument he will be playing that night. You don't want to miss it! Please bring family and friends!
See you Sunday!
Pastor Tommy