Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are not commanded to grow Ridgeview Church!

Recently, I came across a quote from Twitter that really made me think. It said, "Number of times following words found in Bible: Christianity - 0, Christian - 3, Disciple - 263. Think there's a message here?" Yes, I do. Part of what drives me is the Great Commission. Jesus said, "Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations...(Matthew 28:19." Inherent is this command is to "go." We must seek to bridge people to Jesus Christ. But, what do we do when people come to Christ? We are commanded to see that they are discipled. It is a life-long process.
What is one of the primary ways we disciple people at Ridgeview. It is Growth Groups. They are a small group of no more than twenty people that gather together to study the Bible, pray, fellowship, and serve together. They meet for three months at a time. Then, they take a break for a month until a new semester begins with new Growth Groups, new leaders, and new studies. Growth Groups allow you to connect your faith with the body of Christ at Ridgeview. They allow you to sharpen others and others to sharpen you.
This Sunday we begin our new Growth Groups Spring 2010 semester. You will find the various Growth Groups offered in the Grow section of this email, on our website, and the catalogues on Sunday morning. You can sign up for a Growth Group by 1) signing up on our website, 2) contacting Paul Eill (, 3) signing up on your Connection Card on Sunday, 4) signing up at the Grow table on Sunday in the foyer.
As the title of my article indicates, we are not commanded to grow churches although we do know God wants to see His church grow! In fact, any growth that takes place is due solely to Him. What we are commanded to do is grow disciples. I believe when we grow disciples, church growth and health will occur. So, let me encourage you to take responsibility for your spiritual growth for the next three months. Growth Groups are one of the great tools we make available to you in order to do that. Don't miss the opportunity!


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