Tuesday, March 16, 2010

20 Random Things I Wanted To Share With You...

1. Great day Sunday! Lots of energy and just thought you'd find it interesting that Sunday a year ago we had 112 people; this past Sunday we had 147 (on Daylight Savings Day).
2. Milo Wilson is finishing up our message series on Margin and will address "Scheduling Margin." I am meeting with the worship team Wednesday night and will assist Jenny Dunster and the team in worship this Sunday. I am very nervous!
3. Please bring bags of candy (Starburst, hard candy, no chocolate candy) to church Sunday that will fit in plastic eggs. Then, join us after church for lunch at Rock's Country Store and help us stuff those eggs with the candy.
4. Please begin praying for our second Big Day of the year: Easter Sunday (April 4). Our church goal is 215 people. It's been exciting to see new people come into Ridgeview, get plugged into the life of the church, and grow in their faith. That's why we're setting attendance goals!
5. Good News Club at Mountain View Elementary will have the last club this Thursday for the school year. We've had a great year and Liz Niles has done an excellent job! Liz will be stepping down after this year from leading the club. If you are interested in leading, please let me know.
6. We will be hosting the North Greenville University Commuter luncheon this Thursday. If you would like to assist, let me know.
7. We had a family visit our church Sunday because of the smoke detector battery giveaway we conducted Saturday a week ago. Thank you Josh Stovall for helping us organize this and everyone who went out and made visits.
8. Palm Sunday is March 28. We will have communion. This is one of my favorite times of the year!
9. We are closing on a date in May for an outdoor baptism. Someone in our church has graciously agreed to provide barbecue. I can't wait!
10. We will have a meeting right after church to share more information about the Staten Island mission trip. Dean Lewis is our coordinator. It is going to be another great trip!
11. We have been asked to host the kids area for Greer Idol/Tunes on Trade this summer on Trade Street in downtown Greer. A great opportunity for our church!
12. We are scheduling a Single Mom's Oil Change for May. I am very proud of this bridge project our church does for single moms!
13. We will be partnering with Taylors First Baptist and Habitat for Humanity the first weekend in June to build a Habitat house. We will be painting the rooms.
14. Our student ministry is seeing record numbers of kids on Sunday nights. If your middle or high school student isn't participating, get them there!
15. Our Ridgekidz "Champions For Christ" kids will be going to the Greer hospital next Wednesday, May 24th, to take 100 bags of cookies to the nurses and doctors who care for others. It's a great teaching opportunity for our children! 
16. Ed Niles has returned from his mission trip to Honduras. Ask him how it went!
17. Six guys took it upon themselves to wash the church van and trailer last Saturday! Thank you Paul Eill, Brian Bowen, Kevin Babb, Scott Jefferson, Roy Reece, and John Eill.
18. We are making disciples at Ridgeview! Growth Groups are clicking and more and more people are getting involved in a Life Transformation Group.
19. We are finishing up our direct mailer today for Easter Sunday. It will land in around 15,000 - 18,000 homes. The series title is "It's all about Jesus!" Gary Hogeboom puts this mailer together for us with his company, Val-Pak.
20. How's the margin in your life going this week in regards to finances, time with God, time with family, taking care of your health, work boundaries, and temptation?
That's it for my ADD blog today! See you Sunday!



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