Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Great Palm Sunday weekend! It was an honor to parnter with our friends from Northwood Baptist in Greer for a community egg grab at Lake Cunningham Park Saturday. There were over 1600 people there- and that's not just preacher numbers. That was the number registered and there were a number of people who didn't register. Incredible day and a great way to be a bridge of God's love to our community!
Sunday at Ridgeview was a powerful day! It was inspiring to hear the stories of Tom Cole and Kathie Greene. Both their lives and the lives of their family have been changed since coming to Ridgeview. God is working in their lives and I love to hear stories of life change!
Easter is this Sunday. It's the biggest day of the year for Christians. I'll be inviting tons of people to church because I believe their lives can be changed by the power of the gospel. Whether you attend Ridgeview or somewhere else, if you care about people you'll invite them to church Sunday. Their lives may never be the the same!


gamommy2two said...

Wow! What a turnout! What a fantastic way to get the word about God out to the community! The pastor at my church (eaglepointe.org) actually started saying this to us the past couple of weeks..."One Invite Changed My Life." He then challenged each of us to get at least one person to come with us to church on Easter Sunday so that we can maybe change their life. I can't wait to see the House of God packed this weekend!

Tommy Hargrove said...

I like that "One invite changed my life."

Anonymous said...