Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 4 Years, Nathan "Milo" Wilson!

Four years ago Ridgeview Church stepped out on faith and brought a second full-time minister on staff. His name was Milo Wilson. From the moment he came on board I knew we had someone special. He was a gifted musician and worship leader and brought many other gifts, talents, and abilities to our staff team. We have spent many hours working together. We've been on leadership retreats in Columbia and Anderson SC, mission trips to Staten Island, and men's retreats to Flat Rock. We've done tons of bridge projects in our community that literally have touched thousands. We've worked together to plan and lead over 200 worship services at Mountain View Elementary, Blue Ridge High, and the Red Barn. We've hashed out strategy in the office and debated with one another our points of view, always respectful of one another. I was privileged to be part of his ordination. I have seen him in the good times and in the most trying of times. Through it all he has been a man of integrity. He has been a pleasure to work with these past four years.
Bill Hybels says in bringing on a staff member they must meet the "three C's." They must have competence in their field. There must be chemistry with you and them as far as the working relationship. And, there must be character. Milo meets all three! Concerning character, Scripture teaches if one aspires to lead in the church as an "overseer" (pastor) their character is what is most important. Paul writes concerning character qualifications to serve in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. One of the values of our church is integrity and it is an honor to serve alongside Milo because of his character.
Please express to Milo this week your appreciation for his four years of ministry at Ridgeview. My how the time flies! 
Pastor Tommy


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