Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Two Hundred and Three!

Pictured above is the attendance number from Easter Sunday written on the backside of a Connection Card. I shared that number at the end of the worship service with those present. Although we did not reach our goal of 215 people, there have been only a handful of times we have ever had over 200 people on a Sunday morning. It is cause for celebration! Why? Because 203 people gathered at Ridgeview to worship Jesus Christ on Resurrection Sunday. Because 44 kids were learning more about Jesus in our Ridgekidz area. Because the Gospel was shared and seeds were planted in the hearts of those who have not yet claimed Jesus as forgiver of their sins and leader of their lives; I believe they are one step closer. Because there were families there who have not been in church for years and we are seeing them get connected. Because we were able to be a bridge of God's love to 203 people through the way they were greeted, through the music and message, and through the connections made through fellowship.
Let me thank the many of you who invited someone to come with you to church. The most loving thing we can do for people is invite them to hear about the good news of Jesus!
Pastor Tommy