Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Every Member A Missionary

This week Brian Bowen, Brian Green, Milo Wilson, and myself are on our church mission trip to Staten Island, New York. We are involved in a sports camp in the mornings and have done free bottled water giveaways on behalf of Crossroads (Southern Baptist) Church. We are seeking to build bridges with people here in order to connect them to Christ and His Church here on the island.

Every person who calls Ridgeview home is on a mission trip this week. You may not be 12 hours away but you are on a mission nonetheless. As you go to work, take a walk in your neighborhood, etc., look at those around you with missional eyes. What kind of impact could we make in our community if we went about each day as a mini mission trip?

On mission with you,

Tommy Hargrove

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