Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mega Sports, Mega Bridge!

Mega Sports, Mega Bridge!
Next Monday, August 2, Ridgeview will join forces with Northwood Baptist for our second year partnership of Mega Sports Camp. Last year, around 100 kids enjoyed sharpening their basketball, baseball, soccer, and cheerleading skills. Not only that, the worship time rally, the huddle coach times, and the gospel presentation Thursday night all worked together to see many kids place their faith in Christ. There are several things I am asking everyone to do as we lead up to camp:
1) Pray that many kids would come to know Jesus Christ as forgiver of their sins and leader of their lives.
2) Pray for rally worship leaders and speakers, basketball, baseball, soccer, and cheerleading coaches along with the huddle coaches.
3) Invite the families and kids that live all around you to come. There will be invite cards in the program this Sunday.
Many thanks in advance to those of you who will be participating in this bridge event, especially our director, Beth Farmer. It takes a lot of work, time, money, and people to pull something off of this magnitude. But, to see kids give their lives to Jesus makes it all worth it!
See you Sunday!

Tommy Hargrove

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