Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a few thoughts...

*Radical message Sunday was tough to preach but challenging to us all. Encouraged by the postive feedback!
*Points from message Sunday that I can't shake: 1) Do we believe this book (the Bible)? 2) Do we believe what it says about the church? 3) Do we believe what it says about the lost? 4) Do we believe what it says about the poor? It's time to get radical!
*Growth Groups have gotten off to a great start! We've sold out of the Lifejournals but more are on their way!
*Worship team did a wonderful job these last two weeks. Great job Jenny & team!
*So proud of our folks taking tickets at the Blue Ridge High Varsity football game!
*Interview this week with a potential part-time student minister. He will meet with Advisory team along with some parents of kids in our Ridgestudents. Your prayers are appreciated!
*Convinced we must change the scorecard to "How many are we running?" to "How many are we sending out each week?" Convinced we must do more sending out each week!
*Good News Club starts Thursday at Mtn View Elementary. Over 90 kids enrolled: 50% have no church home. Incredible opportunity!

See you Sunday!

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