Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 Radically Concerned For The Lost
Last Sunday I challenged those in our worship service to write on the back of their Connection Card one thing they could do to reach out to the lost around them this week. It was great to read the responses such as: tell my boss God loves him, spend time with my unsaved family members, write a letter to my family member, take food to my neighbors and sit with them, fast and pray, and take gift boxes to the kids at the elementary school.
Each week we have divine appointments and opportunities to share with people about the love of God in His Son Jesus Christ. This week I've personally made some visits to people in our community and will be sharing with 80 kids at the Good News Club and speaking at Greer High's FCA. Yes, I'm a Pastor; I should be doing those things. But you are a missionary to the school you attend, the office where you work, the people in your cul-de-sac, and to your family members. You have incredible opportunities to build bridges in those places that no Pastor could ever replace. You are God's ambassadors! I look forward to hearing some stories this week of how you've been on mission.
Radically Generous Send-Off For Milo Wilson Family  
Please mark your calendars for Sunday, October 17. It will be a special day as we commission Milo, Erin, Daylia, & Hazyl Wilson to go to Buffalo, New York and be a bridge of God's love through the efforts of church planting. After the morning worship service, Blue Ridge Baptist has graciously allowed us to use their fellowship hall. We will have a reception there and allow everyone time to express their love and appreciation to the Wilson family. We also will have a money tree where you can give financially and bless them as they incur expenses in moving up to Buffalo. If you will be unable to attend but would like to give a financial gift, you can send it to Ridgeview Church, PO Box 1077, Taylors, SC 29687. Please mark it as  "Milo Wilson Gift."
Jenny Dunster To Step Into Role As Interim Worship Leader
We have asked Jenny Dunster to lead our worship team after Milo's departure in the interim period. Please pray for her and the team as they lead us in worship through music. They do an incredible job and I appreciate the musical talent they have!
Come help us Paint the Stage @ Blue Ridge High School!
I'm looking forward to bridging out to Blue Ridge High school Saturday morning by painting their auditorium stage. We use this stage every week and it's a great way to let the school we appreciate what they allow us to do. We are in need of some more volunteers. This is a great opportunity to help model for your kids a practical way to serve- so, your kids are welcome!
Hope to see you then!

Tommy Hargrove
864 630 9459

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