Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am excited about this retreat! It will be an incredible opportunity to come together to receive some training on principles of making disciples who make disciples with guest speaker Mike Mohler of Trinity Point Church, Easley. One of the last things Jesus said as He ascended into heaven was, "Go and make disciples..." We must obey what Jesus commanded!

Every Christian in our church is at a certain level as a disciple. They may be a spiritual infant who has just come to Christ. They may be a spiritual child that is developing the habits of Bible study and prayer and growing in their relationship with God. Others are spiritual young adults; they are becoming less self-centered and more others centered. They are beginning to see themselves as a minister. Our goal for every disciple at Ridgeview is to become a spiritual
parent. A spiritual parent is a mature disciple but continually growing and developing in their personal relationship with God and as a disciple of Jesus Christ. They understand their role as one who needs to intentionally invest in others- making disciples who can make disciples.

The most important thing we must be about doing at Ridgeview is going and making disciples who can make disciples. We are convinced that the best way to do that is through relational environments! The relational environment tool that we use at Ridgeview is Growth Groups. We have seen time and time again over these last seven years great spiritual growth in the lives of those who choose to be a part of a Growth Group.

So, let me ask you to seriously consider coming to this retreat May 6-7. For $25 you will have three meals paid for and an incredible opportunity on how you can learn to be a disciple who makes disciples. This is one of the most important training events we've ever done. I hope to see you there!

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