Monday, October 10, 2011

Aaron, "Lexi," & Kayli Willaims

Part of my role as a Pastor is to make hospital visits. My most recent visit was to Spartanburg Regional to see our newest Ridgeview family member. Her name is Lexington Grayce Williams. She is adorable and her parents are very proud! I am very happy for them!

I have been making hospital visits ever since my first church position back in 1998. There are a few things I've learned along the way. I try to practice these things:

1. I knock on the hospital room door if it is closed and wait for someone to open. I never walk in on my own.

2. When I first walk in the room, I squirt my hands with the antibacterial lotion on the wall.

3. I assess what's going on as I walk in. If there's a nurse talking with the patient, I wait my turn.

4. I ask general questions. I don't want to appear intrusive when it comes to a person's illness.

5a. If I'm talking with the patient and the nurse/doctor comes in, I step out of the way.
5b. If I'm about to leave and pray with the patient and the nurse/doctor comes in, especially if it isn't an emergency, I ask for 3 minutes to pray with the patient and then I move on.

6. If I'm visiting someone who just had a baby, I never ask to hold the baby. If they offer, I will accept.

7. I never overstay my welcome. Most people appreciate my visit and I want it to stay that way. I try to keep my visits to 10 minutes.

8a. I always seek to share a word of Scripture and always pray with those in the room.
8b. When praying, I always seek to touch the patient by holding their hand or placing my hand on their shoulder, etc. There is power in touch when praying.

9. I try to resist eating any leftover hospital food they have on their tray (:

Just a few things I try to incorporate in making hospital visits. This isn't an exhaustive list, but a few insights I've incorporated along the way. The most important aspect anyone can bring in making a hospital visit is a sense of love and care for the patient.

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