Thursday, October 13, 2011

The beauty of Growth Groups

Last Thursday night a week ago Aaron and Kayli Williams welcomed their first child into their family, Lexington Grayce. Throughout the day I received texts of Kayli's progress from Aaron. I received my last text Thursday evening. It was a picture of the baby! I made my way to the hospital to see them the next morning. It was a great visit and I enjoyed celebrating with them. As I was leaving the hospital, I ran into two Growth Group members from Aaron and Kayli's group coming to see them. In fact, this same couple had also seen them the night before!

As Aaron and Kayli returned home two days later, both present and past Growth Group members had called to check on them and bring them food. They are being cared for by their church family. It is the church being the church!

I love what our Growth Groups provide! First and foremost, they are making disciples. Out of discipleship there have also been many other side benefits. Relationships are formed in our groups. When people experience the joys of life (i.e. birth of child, engagement, wedding, job promotion, etc) their Growth Group is there to celebrate with them. Their Growth Group is there to pray for them. Their Growth Group is there to provide support for them through meeting practical needs. 

In the last few weeks I've seen our Growth Groups put their discipleship into action. I've seen them help a single mom find a place to live, move her belongings, and do some home repairs she needed. I've seen another Growth Group provide meals and house cleaning to a family who is experiencing some tough times. I've seen baby showers thrown by Growth Groups. The list goes on and on!

Ridgeview Church is a church of small groups. They are biblical (Acts 2:42-47). They are our primary way of making disciples. They meet many needs whether they be spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial. I am grateful for all that I see God doing through them!

Pastor Tommy

P.S. Here's a video of Ridgeview's newest family member. Congrats to Aaron & Kayli Williams!

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