Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs' life on this earth ended yesterday. He made a huge impact on the world in his role with Apple computers. I am reminded of the legendary story when Steve was recruiting John Sculley, the VP at Pepsi, to come work at Apple. The game changing question Steve asked him was whether he wanted to continue to sell sugared water the rest of his life or did he want to change the world? John left Pepsi to go work for Apple.

As a Christ-follower, that's a question Jesus asks me as well. He asks me to come follow Him and He will make me fishers of men. He asks me to come follow Him and He will use me to make disciples who in turn make disciples. That's an incredible way to change the world. I do my part in participating with God in advancing His Kingdom one disciple at a time. So glad He invites me to be part of His team!

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