Thursday, February 09, 2012

Jennifer White

Eight years ago January Ridgeview Church officially launched our first
worship service at Mountain View Elementary. All our praying,
dreaming, and planning were coming to fruition as we opened our doors
wide to the Blue Ridge community. I'll never forget the first family
to walk through our door that Sunday morning. It was Jennifer White's
family. They made their way through the foyer down the hallway to
check in their precious girls at the Ridgekidz desk and then entered
the worship service. After the service they expressed how much they
enjoyed their experience and would be back.They actually did come back
again and again and made their way into the life of our very young

I have had the wonderful privilege of seeing Jennifer White grow not
only as a musician but as a woman in Christ. In August of 2004
Jennifer was rebaptized. It was a renewed commitment she made to
Christ. Since that time I have seen her conquer so many odds because
of her faith in Christ. She is the embodiment of "I can do (endure)
all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

Pastor Rick Warren says that you do not judge a church by the seating
capacity but by the sending capacity. I also believe that we should
judge a church by the disciples it makes. I am so proud that our
church has been used by God to be a bridge of God's love to Jennifer
White. We have seen her grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Now, we
are seeing her go as a disciple to lead worship in a new church in

I couldn't be more proud of Jennifer! This Sunday will be her last
Sunday at Ridgeview and she will be leading us in worship through
music. We will miss her on Sunday mornings but know God will continue
to use her gifts for His glory!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Tommy


Jennifer White said...

Dear Pastor Tommy--
Thank you so much for this:) I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement! You and Ridgeview have been such an integral part of my life for the last eight years, it is almost too much to fathom not being there every week. I am going to stay in a growth group and will be back to visit any time I am off:)
I feel like I am being obedient to God in taking this leap of faith and would never have been able to be at this point without all that you and Ridgeview have done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will continue to pray for you and Ridgeview.
All my love in Christ, Jennifer

Jennifer White said...

OMGosh!--I didn't look at the picture good enough the first time--you have hair!!!!!!!!!! LOL!-all in good fun-you know:)