Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm a South Carolina Gamecock fan. I don't apologize for that! I heard on the news last night that our starting QB was arrested at a bar the other night. He has been suspended until Coach Spurrier finds out more info, etc. I hate to hear this. Blake Mitchell is the team leader. Not only that, he has spend countless hours practicing, lifting weights, two-a-days, etc getting ready for the season. He may have forfeited it all this season. What a waste! We all must remember it only takes one stupid mistake for us to lose our integrity and credibility and if we lose our integrity we've lost our leadership. I am so weak so I pray God would protect me from even entering the ring of temptation. I want to finish this race He's marked out for me faithfully. With God's power, strength, protection, and help I'll get there.

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Milo said...

Just dropping a quick note to let you know I am reading your posts. Hopefully Blake Michell will not be out for the whole season. Good luck on all that "churchy" stuff too!