Monday, December 04, 2006

They will not be receiving any more of my business! Today on my day off I went to get my oil changed. It was around 12:45 pm. As I pulled up to the bay, the glass door was down and on the door it said to honk for service. I honked and waited for about 1 minute. No one appeared to help me. I honked again thinking no one heard me. A rather complacent young man comes out from the garage and opens the bay door and directs me in to the oil change pit. He's noticeably chewing something and as I get out of my car he walks over to his two other co-workers and joins them as they finish their Taco Bell value menu items. They just look at me as if to tell me they are annoyed I happened to come by during their lunch. I walk into the lobby area not sure what to do or say. Finally, I ask the most obvious question in the room, "Did I catch you guys at a bad time?" Lying through their teeth they said, "No, we'll take care of you" and then they proceeded to continue eating. As my anger began to rise, I told them I would catch them later (a kind way of saying I'm outta here) and got back into my car and drove off to another business that actually seemed to want my business. OK, I understand, everybody needs to eat lunch. But, a business that's open a set time actually needs to be prepared if a customer shows up. As a pastor I wonder if new people that show up to Ridgeview may feel some of the same feelings I felt getting my oil changed. Does our church welcome them, show them where to go, and take care of them and their kids from the moment they get out of their car? We've worked on answering yes to those questions. I've gotten numerous comment cards thanking us for the friendliness we showed them as they showed up. I've heard stories of a guest visiting a church and no one seems to even care they showed up. I hope this isn't true of many churches, but even one church is too many. I pray Ridgeview never forgets what it's like to be from the outside coming in and we treat every person that walks through the door as a VIP, because after all, they are!

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