Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I checked out Perry Noble's blog tonight. I've been mentioning him a lot lately, haven't I? He will be a father in a couple of months and his blog tonight was exactly the reminder I needed. You see, in about 10 hours from now my wife will give birth to our second son, Landon Jack Hargrove.

Perry received some pertinent advice in an email concerning his soon to be status not as pastor of one of America's fastest growing churches but a more important status, "dad." It goes as follows: "As a pastor, and especially as a successful pastor, it will be easy to let the church steal time from your family. Don’t! What difference will a great history of church building matter, if your kids know you only has the “hero on the platform.” I know way too many PKs of “successful pastors” who struggle with their faith (if they even believe), struggle in relationships and just simply struggle. They see this apparently incredibly relational person on the platform - and don’t experience that at home. Make a vow now that you will not be that kind of successful pastor. Let your children be a testimony of the goodness of God in families.

That is great advice. I am reminded that God established the family before he established the church. My first priority is to my family. Our first son was born a month before Ridgeview Church was started. I had never been a senior pastor to that point. I've tried to keep a healthy balance over these last 3 yeas as husband, dad, and pastor. I so enjoy my time with my wife and son. Just last night Ethan and I were out in the backyard and I was teaching him to throw a football, then he would chase me, and we had a blast! I treasure every moment because these last 3 years have blown by so quickly. I don't want to miss a minute!


Lee said...

Hey man - congratulations! Give me a call and tell me all about it once things settle down!

Milo said...

Great post! Landon is a great looking kid. Hope you are holding up well in the hospital, and we're looking forward to when you can bring him home!

Tommy said...


Good to hear from you. I enjoyed hooking up with you last time you were in town. I'll holler at you soon.

Tommy said...


Thanks for comming by the hospital and putting the video together. Daylia is going to have to shake those Hargrove boys off with a stick in a few years. Ha!