Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some ramblings at 1:50 am as I am about to awake my son for his feeding. I've been told by some friends of mine that I have a striking resemblence to the guy who plays a football coach in the movie "Facing the Giants." I've even been told we have the same type of humor. Well, here's some interesting info. Did you know the movie was shot in Albany, Georgia. Guess where I was born before I moved to G'ville at the ripe age of 1? If you guessed Albany you would be correct. Did you know the movie also had a large participation of folks from Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany. Well, guess what church my dad was on staff on before we moved away from Albany. If you guessed Sherwood Baptist again you again would be correct. Hmmm?

I finished listening to an audio download tonight on "Developing Your Personal Growth Plan." Nelson Searcy hit me between the eyes by stating that some of us are limiting the potential of our church because we are not growing as leaders. I've always been growing as a leader but this resource encouraged me to step it up. One practical way: measure monthly. Each month I need to be mentored by someone who is farther down the road than I am in leading a church. It simply means I seek the counsel of wiser pastors who God is using in great ways. Secondly, I need to have scheduled during the month a time of evaluation/review. Run the tapes of the last 30 days and evaluate. Evaluated experience is the best teacher. Great advice and great resource. It can be purchased at

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