Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hot Summer, Hot Topic
Message Series on Sexual Purity for June
Sunday I started a four week series on sexual purity at Ridgeview. I am alarmed at the rampant impurity running wild in our culture today, and not only our culture but our churches. I read that studies show the morality of Christians pertaining to sexual purity isn't a whole lot different than those who do not claim to follow Jesus. In fact, I can name five very prominent ministers who have fallen prey to sexual immorality within the last year. Also, the internet has been a wonderful tool, especially to me in ministry, but it has been a horrible tool Satan has used to bring men down through addiction to pornographic websites. Genesis 1:31 says that everything God created was very good. That includes sex. But, mess with it outside of God's guardrails and you will crash and burn. My prayer almost everyday is that God would not even allow me to get into the ring of sexual temptation. Sometimes if we find ourselves already in the ring of tempation it may be too late. If I'm not in the ring, I don't have to worry about it. I've also found God's way is much better, more satisfying, and brings so much more joy. Don't settle for anything less whether single or married!

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