Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thank You Dr. Frank Page!

Vacation Bible School went great tonight. We had 63 kids! Probably 1/3 of them were unchurched. Why am I thanking Dr. Frank Page? Who is he anyway? Well, if you don't run in Southern Baptist circles, he was just elected the SBC president for a second term. He has done a remarkable job this past year and will continue that into his second and last term. Once again, why am I thanking Dr. Page? Well, 5 years ago I stepped into his office at Taylors First Baptist and asked him would he be willing to sponsor a new church backed by Taylors. He said yes and sent people and financial backing my way to start Ridgeview Church. Many lives have been touched by the love of Christ expressed through His body at Ridgeview. Thank you Dr. Page for taking a chance on me to Pastor this wonderful body of Christ!

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