Wednesday, June 27, 2007

That's One Big Rock!

No, I'm not talking about the ring on my wife's hand. Monday we loaded up and headed over to Stone Mountain Park outside of Atlanta. I had never been there but always seen it on I-85 so thought we'd try something out for the first time. We stayed for the laser light show and fireworks that night, at least most of it. Coming home on some exit in Georgia I had to stop for coffee at a Pilot gas station. Getting out of the car at the same gas station at 11:30 at night was a family in my church. Imagine the surprise!

Tuesday afternoon I had the honor of interviewing Pastor Randy Harling. Randy is the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Simpsonville. I have made a commitment of seeking to learn from pastors like him and interviewing them each month. Randy was gracious in meeting with me for 45 minutes. I asked him several questions on his schedule, staff meetings, evangelism (they are baptizing many), staff structure, etc. One thing that really stuck out to me was the personal touches he makes in his church. People are longing for that. I was reminded that no matter how large a church gets, pastors always need to be making personal touches with their people. That was a great reminder for me. I also noticed his humble spirit. There are some great pastors out there seeking to honor God and lead His church. Thanks Pastor Harling for making time for a young pastor like me seeking to learn and grow each day to be the best Pastor I can be for the Master.

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