Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wild West Fall Fest!
Halloween night our church sponsored a "Wild West Fall Fest" at the Red barn right off highway 101 in Greer. Lots of families came out and it was a great time. Thanks to many who volunteered their time in working the games, bringing hay and decorations, keeping the campfire going and making s'mores, conducting hay rides, crafts, refreshments, parking, "Pecos Pete's Pumpkin Patch," and the grand finale "Trunk or Treat." We were able to connect with over 30 families in our community to let them know God loves them. That's why we did what we did. Last year we had a fall festival at the home of one our dear ladies in our church. It was a blast! But, this year I wanted to take the good time we had and share it with our community. If there's any way we can be a bridge of God's love to people, I'm all over it!
Journey Church Coaching Network
After the Fall Fast the next day I packed my bags and headed for New York City for a coaching network I've been accepted in. I arrived Thursday, spent the night, and headed into Manhatten to the Journey Church offices on west 44th st between 8th and 9th avenue promptly at 10 am. There are 14 other guys that have been accepted into this network. We will meet 5 more times; once each month from 10 am to 3 pm. We have a book assignment to read in which we'll write up application points. Most importantly, Pastor Nelson Searcy from the Journey Church will guide us through church systems. Now that may not sound real exciting to you. But for me, I'm eating this stuff up! Many times we hit roadblocks in our churches. We can blame the people for being unfaithful, uncommitted, blah, blah, blah. Now, sometimes that may be true. But, many times it's a problem with our system. Pastor Nelson says that systems save you time, energy, money, and stress. There are eight systems in the church. He asked us to identify our strongest and weakest. I came away from this conference fired up. I am ready to get to work on two of our most important systems: the weekend worship system and our small groups system. We are going to take them up notches above where they've been. Hold on!
SeaCoast Church
Today is a treat for me. I am not preaching at Ridgeview Church and am going to take a break and just be out today. My family and I are going to worship at SeaCoast Church in Greenville. This church is doing a great job of reaching people for Christ. They are a multi-site church based out of Charleston and one of the most innovative churches in America. Sometimes as a Pastor when I visit a church it's hard for me to get out of "evaluation" mode and just be a person that's there to worship. I want to truly relax this moring and focus my mind's attention and my heart's affection on Jesus. But, when I get back and reflect I will jot a few notes down of great things they are doing and see how we at Ridgeview can improve. It's all about the Kingdom! I am focused on helping as many people in my lifetime as I possibly can escape the prison of a Christless eternity. That's what drives me. I look forward to the Christmas season to throwing the lifejackets out to many people in our community as we start a new series entitled "Christmas 3:16."

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