Friday, December 07, 2007

Practicing Jesus Habits
Yesterday, I spoke at the ordination service of our worship and student Pastor, now the Reverend Milo Wilson. I gave a charge to him and it is a reminder to all of us ministers, whether full-time, part-time, bivocational, etc. BTW, all of us are ministers; God has simply called some of us out to equip the rest of the church to carry out His will. At Milo's ordination I shared that we can learn much about the teachings of Jesus, but we can also learn much about the habits of Jesus. I shared these habits that I gleaned from a book by Jay Dennis entitled, "The Jesus Habits."
*Practice seclusion
*Practice prayer
*Practice worship
*Practice building relationships
*Practice confrontation (with love)
*Practice challenging the status quo
*Practice listening
*Practice love
*Practice thankfulness
*Practice faith
*Practice handling criticism effectively
*Practice making family a priority
*Practice having fun
*Practice integrity
*Practice resting
*Practice giving
*Practice fitness
*Practice keeping your word
*Practice using and memorizing Scripture
*Practice living for a purpose
*Practice fasting
It was a wonderful night of affirming a brother in Christ into the ministry. Thanks again to Pastor Aaron Rayburn at Edwards Road Baptist Church for moderating the council and allowing us to meet at their beautiful church facility.

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