Thursday, July 09, 2009

Two days ago I stopped by the local home improvement store. It's orange on the outside. I was looking for a lawn mower part. The guy in lawn and garden didn't have it but radioed to another co-worker in another department. Coming from the other end of the radio I heard, "Can't help him. I'm on break." The guy in lawn and garden looked at me sheepishly and said, "Sorry sir." I'm sorry too! I couln't find the part I was looking for in there. I promptly went across the street to another home improvement store. It's blue on the outside. Much better help there. There's a reason there's more cars in their parking lot.

When someone new comes through the doors of the churches we call home, do we do the same thing? "Find the worship, kid's area, bathroom, etc yourself." I hope not! Sometimes it means you leave that conversation with an old friend in the hallway when someone new walks through the doors and looks like they're totally clueless where to go. If we don't do that, they'll do what I did at the home improvement store. Walk out and probably won't return.