Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday School Versus Off-Campus Groups
This Sunday we kicked off our Fall Growth Group semester doing something we've never done before at Ridgeview Church: Growth Groups on Sunday morning. Okay, call it what you want- we have Sunday School for adults at Ridgeview Church now. You know what? I really liked it! For the last 5 years we have had our Growth Groups meet off campus in homes. I've enjoyed those times too! But, we thought we'd try an experiment for the semester. There was a buzz in the air Sunday as people made there way into church an hour earlier and found a Grouth. One advantage I saw was it allowed us to fellowship with another, study the Scripture text that I would preaching from together in a smaller setting, and pray for one another- all before worship. I'm really not an either or guy- Sunday School small groups or off-campus groups. Actually, I'm a both/and. I'd like to see our church offer them both this coming Spring. Would love to get your thoughts.