Wednesday, November 16, 2011

South Carolina Baptist Convention Great Commission Task Force Report

Yesterday I traveled to Columbia, SC for the annual SC Baptist Convention meeting. I served on the enrollment and credentials committee registering people who forgot or never received their messenger cards. Messenger cards allow people to receive ballots so they may vote in SC Baptist proceedings. Later that night we had the "Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report." This task force and report was mandated by the messengers from last year's convention to study the effects of the GCR on our state's institutions. This task force brought forth a plan that would allow our state to to increase our contribution to missions (both foreign and domestic). It would mean some state Baptist agencies would take a cut. 

Getting Baptists to agree on anything is no small task. After discussion of the report, the plan presented, and others offering amendments to the current plan, we took a vote. The messengers spoke and by majority the recommendations were accepted as is without any amendments.

Not everyone agreed with the totality of the changes, but at the end of the night many left on a positive note in which our state convention is headed. Here are some of the recommendations that really got me excited:

1. "We increase South Carolina's contribution to the IMB (International Mission Board) by 21.95 percent over the next three years.

2. "Church revitalization, Missions Mobilization/Evangelism, and Church Planting be made the primary focus of the SCBC."

The theme of the report was "The harvest is plentiful." That is so true! Six billion on this planet are living in spiritual darkness, desperately needing the light of Jesus Christ. I'm proud SC Baptists are uniting in purpose; to help take the light of Jesus Chrsit into the darkness.

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