Monday, November 21, 2011

You've Got To Play The Game

Back in 1997 I attended my first and only Baylor University football game in Waco. My girlfriend at the time and Baylor grad, Tanya, wanted me to go with her down there for homecoming. Baylor was playing Texas with Heisman winner Ricky Williams running the ball for the Longhorns. To my surprise, Baylor defeated Texas 23-21. A classic David and Goliath match up. The fans stormed the field and tore the goal posts down. It was a surreal feeling! I have had some of those memories come back as I saw Baylor defeated #5 ranked Oklahoma last Saturday.

I also had the unfortunate opportunity as a sophomore at Carolina to witness the Citadel Bulldogs defeat the Gamecocks back in 1993. It was an awful feeling that day for us Gamecock fans as we left Williams Brice stadium.

I've learned a few things in life when it comes to sports. You've got to play the game. Just because a team is ranked nationally and the other team is not doesn't mean the underdog just needs to go ahead and forfeit. Sports is a great microcosm of life. You've got to lace it up and play the game, regardless of the odds against you. You've got to believe in yourself and the God who created you. Attitude makes all the difference. Henry Ford said, "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." Thank you Baylor for reminding me of that lesson this week. And by the way, that girl named Tanya became my wife. I knew I was out of my league but laced it up anyway and went after her. So glad I did!

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