Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stage A Simulation

Recently, I finished reading Tim Sanders' book Today We Are Rich. It is an excellent book and has helped me tremendously. One of the chapters is entitled Prepare Yourself. Lots of great content in that chapter. One very practical piece of advice he gives is to "stage a simulation." If you speak publicly, have a job interview, etc, seek to simulate the experience by rehearsing it live. 

For me, I preach each Sunday. Before I ever get up on the stage on Sundays I rehearse messages out loud in my office. I seek to prepare for things beyond my control such as sound system feedback, a baby in the audience crying, people getting up out of their seat to go to the restroom, and many other factors. All these things have happened while I've been preaching/teaching at my church. 

Whatever you find yourself doing, seek to "stage a simulation" before actually doing it. You'll find in the moment when obstacles arise in the live event you're prepared. You will silently say to yourself, "I was expecting that," and then move with confidence.

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